some thoughts on SPAM

Hello, everyone! Are you surprised to see me here TYPING instead of WRITING to you?? Me too. I promise I’ll keep it brief. It’s about SPAM.

Not that kind. Because this illustrated newsletter is exclusively made up of image files, it often gets sent to spam folders. I guess the email gods don’t love images, which is annoying. Perhaps I have cursed myself just by including one here. Oh well. But while I’m no internet expert, I do want to make sure if you’ve subscribed that you’re actually able to receive this in your inbox! My newsletter for March is set to go out later this week, so if you didn’t receive my last post in February, you can go to your spam settings and mark this email address ( as safe. I promise to never use it for evil! And that unsubscribe button is always right there at the bottom if you get bored of me.

I have some exciting things planned for the next few months, though, so I hope you’ll stick around!

More soon,

Alex, a.k.a. YOU CAN DO THIS